Canada's largest museum needed to engage 20-somethings on Mesopotamia.
We let guests design their own
sprawling 3D-printed ancient city.

One of the first events we ever did is still among our very favorites. We're fascinated with how museums around the world use 3D printing to enrich exhibit experience. and we're awestruck at projects like Smithsonian's X 3D platform and American Fossils' Virtual Lab. 

We worked with the Royal Ontario Museum to build a 3D Printed Mesopotamian City exhibit. Guests designed ancient city blocks, printed them out, and added them to a massive collaborative 3D city. At the end of the exhibit, we had generated a spectacular menagerie-cityscape with hundreds of unique elements — each piece designed by a different person.

Guests had a great time, and the quality of the design and prints was incredibly impressive, especially given alcohol was being served at this evening-series event. We were shocked at how adept the general — and inebriated — public was with 3D modelling, and with the quality, creativity and diversity of models produced in the short 20 minutes we allowed for design. Special thanks to collaborators, University of Toronto’s Critical Making Lab

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