Our Studio

Designing with a new creative tool for the first time is a deeply empowering experience. We started our studio six years ago when we took eight 3D printers to a Toronto bar and taught design to the public until last call. The discovery we made then fuels all our projects today: that the act of creating is an immensely powerful and authentic way to engage people.

We’ve since designed, delivered, and staffed over 1,000 experiences for some of the most recognizable brands and agencies around the world, bringing future tools of creativity out of the lab and delivering powerful experiences that people remember and share.

We work with clients around the world from our creative studio at

243 College Street, Studio 100, Toronto Ontario, M5T 1R5.

Reach us at hello@makelab.ca

and 416.417.7275.

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Reach our creative team at

hello@makelabstudio.com and 416.417.7275