Engage FITC guests with hands-on virtual design experiences, designed specifically for your audience.

Let guests custom-design creative toolsets.

When Adobe’s 99U Conference went from a live event at the Lincoln Center to an online digital experience, event organizers wanted to preserve some of the in-person flavour. In collaboration with Adobe and Staedtler, the MakeLab team designed an experience where guests customized sets of gorgeous colored pencils. We laser-engraved the sets, and mailed them out to 500 guests around the world, along with a sharable video of each fabrication.

Host a Creative Design Breakout Session on Generative Design and AI.

For Microsoft, we set up a Surface design bar, and brought our fleet of seven 3D printers. Guests were greeted by the MakeLab creative team and taken through five-minute 3D design experiences. For FITC, let us host a virtual workshop for guests that speak specifically to your creative org.

Hold a collaborative design session, and let us ship out creations to guests.

We can fabricate nearly anything guests would want to make and create, and ship it to guests around the world, including of course, socks!

Let's chat about how we can bring your sponsorship to life at FITC. Email us at hello@makelab.ca, or book a chat below.

Reach our creative team at

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